New Age Real Change: Living Book

New Age Real Change is a constantly evolving record, through images of places, spaces and moments.  The images, covered in chapters, are grouped by travel.  Silk Blake covers anything outside of the US, Heaven’s Gate is filled with day trip content, Rose Rage is filled with moments captured in NY and Day’s Our Lives documents my time touring the US from 2008-2013

New Age Real Change, is a book about incidents of action, the moment attention is caught, an inflammation, a reflex, a knee-jerk reaction to the beautiful or grotesque. And it is a book about the music that soundtracks these moments, the intersection of noise and image and their unfaltering influence over  each other’s most potent meanings.  As a songwriter and musician, music has always served as the entry point to looking. As a photographer, images have inspired most every story and song.  For me it is all a cinematic map, built out of the metal of the day, the people and places; nighttimes and morning haze, the fucking and fucking up, coming correct, love, death, desire, deceit. New Age Real Change is a series of pages that act as a story map, or note cards for a script, a sequence of the most potent moments, sharp as the burst of heat when you first feel something that moves you.  



Pepi Ginsberg is a musician, filmmaker and photographer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Design & Development: Matthew Boblet, Dylan Fisher